Published on September 20th, 2012 | by Joe Heinbaugh

Recycling- Why are people still fighting it?

It is funny for me to think that recycling is still this hardship for people to do.  Being part of the Captain Planet generation, I have had the need for recycling explained to me even by my cartoons growing up.  For me, I have found that making it as easy as possible to do gives me no excuse.  We have recycling containers everywhere.  From our kitchen closet to our bathrooms, I am going to make sure that I have easy access to getting to a place where I can place my recyclables.  Our neighborhood had the HUGE containers given to everyone for recycling and the collection cost was less then 50 dollars a year.  I was super excited about this.  So excited that we have two of them.  My neighborhood… not so much.  I would say that half the people left the containers outside for weeks before they were finally taken back.  Oh well.  I also own a green commercial cleaning company and part of the deal is free recycling and take away.  They have to do nothing but toss the trash into the trash and the recycling into the recycling.  I actually place the containers next to each other.  I have actually seen great growth in the amount that is making it into the recycling!  I love this!  I love when offices get soooo excited to recycle that they even put things that do not recycle into recycling in hopes that it can be recycled.

         The world of recycling has been changing so much lately.  The new technology that is coming out is very interesting.  I was listening to NPR (shocker) and they had a segment on a company that is taking the super low grade plastic that typically gets shipped to the other side of the world and is burned in open air pits and making useable fuel out of it.  You can actually read the article HERE.  The company is called Plastic2oil and this is very exciting news.  Take some time and check out the site and what cools things that they are doing.  Sadly, they are getting flack because they are making oil, which is not a green product.  What is better, an unusable product ending up in the ocean or being burned in open air pits or being converted into a resource which could lessen our need for drilling.  I love what is in the future for recycling !

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