Published on March 13th, 2013 | by Joe Heinbaugh

Come on trash company…Recycle It!

As I was sitting in a meeting the other day and there was a discussion about recycling and the process by one of the local trash collection companies.  During the chat, I mentioned that I own a green office cleaning company and that we supply free recycling to all of our clients and that to transport the recyclables I have to put it in black trash bags.  He goes on to say that all most all of the recycling that is collected in black trash bags just end up in the normal trash because it is too much of a hassle to cut open the bag. This blows my mind. So if you have one of the small recycling bins and you want to make sure that it does not blow away and put it in a bag…it goes into the trash.  This is a service that you as the consumer typically pay for and they make money off of.  I get that there are some bad eggs out there that might have put trash in the recycling but to make a snap and lazy call to just toss all black plastic bag is just crazy.  You are saying that you do not care about your clients or the future of the planet or the time line of your landfill.  I drop off a lot of recycling at the large drop off centers every week and the bins are full of trash bags and it just gives me the chills to think that all of that time spent by people to recycle and resources that can be reused just go to the land fill. I know that it is posted to remove items from bags, but it should also state that you have just wasted your time if you do not. There just has to be a better way. End of rant…

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