Published on January 24th, 2013 | by Joe Heinbaugh

New Year, Old Hobby, New Mojo

So it is a new year.  Yeah, I am a little late to the party but that is typical.  No New Year resolutions for this guy.  I have done some in the past but like most people it was fleeting.  Most of my hobbies and likes are fleeting.  I have spent hours researching totally random things from Eames Era furniture to cooking.  Both have come in handy.  Bought two chairs at a garage sale for ten bucks and sold the for 200.  I know my way around the kitchen and can make some killer food.  Are either of these huge continued hobbies…Nope.

Some of you might know that I graduated college with a degree in Music Ministry.  This is great for those who want a career working in a church but not worth a whole lot for anyone else, namely myself.  But the whole music thing has always been a part of my life.  From being in punk band in High School, to sitting in my basement playing along to music, mostly guitar has had a role in my life.  Sometimes this role in my life also affected my bankroll…  Hi, I am Joe.  I am a guitar gear junky. Well, I was at one point of my life.  At my peak I had bought about 10 thousand dollars in gear.  The more shocking part is I bought the bulk of this while making 100 bucks a week as an intern. Long story short, gear sold about 7 years ago.  This was also about the same time that I lost ALL interest in playing music.   I can honestly say that there were years that I did not play guitar.  Crazy to think about considering how much time I spent playing in High School, College, and as a job.  Was I ever great, Nah.  With music it helps to just know how to fake it, and I was solid at that.  So every so often I would pick up a guitar and take a strum.  That was about it.  I have played a little more in the last couple of years but then all of a sudden, the mojo was back.

It was like someone had turned on a light switch.  I have played more in the last month then I have in the last eight years.  Not sure why but the passion is there.  The gear monster wants to creep back in but I am soooooo tight with my money it is not much of an issue.  The coolest part is that it seems to be easier to learn this time around.  Scales all seem to make sense.  I can look at my fret board and I am not confused as I once was.  It is as if my brain has been reprogramed to see it differently. I am a big fan of this.  I am also a big fan of youtube.  Youtube was not the insane video juggernaut that it is now last time I really played guitar.  All the free lessons are fantastic.  Better lessons then what I once paid for.  I am excited about this new year, old hobbies, and new mojo.

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