Published on August 17th, 2012 | by Joe Heinbaugh

Gen Con. Yeah, you should check it out.

So I went to Gen Con today for the first time and here is my report on it.

1.  Cosplay people are everywhere.  Most are steam punk/renaissance outfits.  Some were the more typical Star Wars get ups and anime costumes.

2.  Insane amount of games.  You can find some games at a cut rate compared to the stores and online.  There is also areas where you can test out games for free and often the game creator is there to help you play.  I even bought a game and I hate spending money.

3.  Kilts… You would think that you are at the Highland Games with the number of people wearing kilts. Big, small, short and tall, the kilts were there in full force.

4.  Anything extra that you want to do will cost you.  From lame food to random test games, it all adds up.

5.  You can walk around the halls for free.  See cosplayers and people watch.  That sounds awesome to me.

6.  The art that is everywhere is cool.  The artists are super talented and all are just hanging out at the booths.

7.  The convention center does a great job in people flow.  I am sure today was the lightest day but you could get any where fast without having to touch too many people. (I’m kind of a germ person…)

8.  Do not go alone.  I went with our writer Matt Moberly and he knows 100x more about this then I do and showed me some cool games.  This is very much a group outing.

So if you are into games, it is worth the trip.  If your whole family is into games, Sunday you can get a family pass for around 40 bucks which is a steal.

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