Published on August 13th, 2012 | by Joe Heinbaugh

Gen Con is this week!

So Gen Con is August 16-19 and this is the first time that I will be attending.  This is my nerd Christmas present to myself.  I love games.  Always have, always will.  From table top to video games, I have consumed them all.  I have fond memories of sitting around a table with a group of friends rolling weird dice in hopes of either landing on Park Place or trying to defeat a dragon.  In the last couple of months I have even dabbled in Magic the Gathering.  Only dabbled because I will not allow myself to drop piles of cash on a collectable card game where to stay current I would have to sell my other hobbies that I am vested in.  Oh and my wife would drop kick me in my face…  So just pre-cons for this guy.  I am pumped to see all the cool new games that are being brought out at this event like the new 500 card Dominion expansion will be released at Gencon this year.  If you have not had the chance to sit down and play Dominion with a group of friends, do so!  I am sure our game super star writer, Matt Moberly, will do a whole article on this game at a later date.  Then there is Cosplay.  Nothing beats seeing people dress up like their favorite video game, anime, or anything charter.  I know that these people put a lot of time in the costumes and I think it is rad.  Part of me thinks it was be a lot of fun to do this but I digress.  I plan on being there for a while Thursday so I will report back with pics and stories. Oh man this will be fun!

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