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Foster Care…Things are about to get interesting

So it has been a while since I have jumped on this site and I have some time so why not post! As things get crazier with work, we have started to prepare to jump into foster parenting.  It is very odd to think that we will soon be having children living in our home that we have never meet before.  There are kids in Indy that will become part of the fam.  Crazy.  We have traded our SUV and grabbed a mini van.  My vote was for a big ol conversion van with squishy huge captain chairs and lots of running lights.  Needless to say that idea got shut down.  We have gotten rid of all the guest room furniture and replaced it all with much more kid friendly options.  New paint on the walls and a couple of twin beds.  We are finished with all of the training and are just waiting on the home inspection.  We also got to spend an entire Saturday learning CPR which we both are certified in now.  I fear that now that I know how to use it that there will be a point where I will need to.  I am sure that is due to all of the videos they showed in training about people who were trained and then saved someones life.  We are watching some friends kids today and Rachel is like “see no problem”.  We have talked to our boys about it a lot and they are excited but we will find out once it actually happens but we do have some loving kids.  It will completely change our family dynamics and there will be some high stress times but that is easily out weighted by the chance to have an impact in someones life.  To get to show love to someone who might not have experienced love or to show them what a safe home looks like is awesome.  We have been very lucky to have a lot of friends do foster care and we have seen the whole spectrum so we  are not going into this blind.  I am very grateful for this.  As we get closer to staring it is quickly becoming more real but I have no sense of fear but I am honestly getting more excited. I kinda want this to happen now!

PS.  Mini vans are awesome. Not sure what has become of me.

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