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Easter Seals Crossroads

How was ESC started?

Easter Seals Crossroads was formed in 1936. A group of teenagers with disabilities wanted a social activity program, and with the guidance of Mrs. William Gavin and Mrs. P.R. Mallory, the group produced handcrafted items that were sold in churches, homes and community centers. Over the course of the next decade, the group became known as “The Crossroads” and affiliated themselves with the National Easter Seal Society. Since then, we’ve become a United Way affiliate, expanded to provide therapy and social services for the community.

What is the general goal for ESC?

Easter Seals Crossroads is a community resource providing a continuum of services to children, adults and families impacted by disabilities or special needs, to achieve inclusion, independence and dignity.

This includes:

  • Children’s Medical Rehabilitation Services
    • First Steps – Early Intervention
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech-Language Therapy
    • Augmentative & Alternative Communication
    • Enrichment Programs
    • Sibshops
    • Respite Services
    • Adult Specialty Services
      • Driver Evaluation & Training
      • Augmentative & Alternative Communication
      • Adult Day Services
      • Home Modification Services
      • Autism Services
        • PeerXChange College Mentoring Program
        • Behavioral Treatment Services
        • Family Resource Center
        • Deaf Community Services
        • Employment Programs
        • Assistive Technology


What kind of impact has ESC had on the local community?

We provide independence and a better quality of life for thousands of individuals with disabilities or special needs each year. Our annual community luncheon highlights the abilities of our constituents so that the public can truly understand how we assist people with their education, employment or independent living goals. Listen to Alex Neu’s story in this YouTube video to understand how Alex is pursuing a career in physical therapy after being inspired by his time with us:

How big of a role do volunteers play in ESC?

We rely on volunteers to not only help with day-to-day tasks inside the building, but to carry the message of Easter Seals Crossroads and become brand ambassadors on our behalf. The Crossroads Guild has been supporting us since 1955 by volunteering with our children’s services, respite and enrichment programs. We recently started partnering with various 5K fun-run’s in which we provide volunteers in exchange for a percentage of the event proceeds. Not only is it a great way to fundraise for the organization but it’s also allowed us to engage youth in activities that are flexible with their school schedules. In addition to that, we’re reaching out to high schools and university programs to involve students with our summer camps and enrichment programs.

How can people get involved with ESC?

One of our biggest goals for this new fiscal year is to promote the awareness of Easter Seals Crossroads in the community. We’re looking to people who can create opportunities to share our brand with others, such as church groups, small and large businesses, and student-run organizations.

A lot of what we do would not be possible without the dedicated help of individuals like you who give their time and talents to help others. If you’re interested in volunteering your time, working on a partner fundraising event or just getting more information about opportunities at Easter Seals Crossroads, call 317-466-1000 or email



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