Published on April 15th, 2013 | by Mark Walker

Do Your Part For Earth Day 2013

Earth Day may only show up once a year on the calendar, but it can be a daily holiday. Many of you probably already focus daily on being a good steward of this planet we call home but Earth Day is still a great time to recommit to the cause and renew your focus on living sustainably.

Try some of these easy ways to do your part this Earth Day:

Get Involved Locally

No matter where you live there will be several events and opportunities for you to help your community. Volunteering on Earth Day is a great way to meet new people who cherish the earth as much as you do! Take a look at the Earth Day Indiana website to find events and causes in the Indianapolis area.

Ditch the Paper

Maybe you don’t have time to sign-up for an all day event on Earth Day. That’s okay. You can make a major impact in the comforts of your own home. Take 30 minutes at some point during the day to enroll in paperless billing for all of your bills. It’s a simple step but it can have a great impact. You’ll save hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds of paper each year.

Pool With a Pal

Use this Earth Day as an opportunity to set up a carpool with a friend. Not only will you save on fuel usage but you’ll have the opportunity to spend some quality time with a friend too! You’ll even have time each day to talk about how you can green up your lifestyle. This extra time with a likeminded friend will provide you with the opportunity to share ideas and goals.


Make It a Constant Holiday

There’s really no reason Earth Day has to come only once a year. This year make the commitment to live earth-conscious year round. Focus your efforts on saving energy, reducing waste, and giving back to the environment. The best way to make a big impact is to spread the word so pass your passion on to friends and family!

What are your plans for Earth Day 2013? If you have a creative way to reduce waste or save energy, please share in the comment section!

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