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Brew Time! Making Mead

So it was 2011, just before fathers’ day when I decided to buy myself a home beer brewing kit for myself and my wife would be off the hook in getting me anything.  Beer, love the taste and the large variety of offerings out there so why not try it myself.   I also found a great 5-gallon pot for brewing.  As of today, the kit is in its box…  I got caught up in the idea of doing something but never took the time to do it. The 5-gallon pot has been used from making huge batches of hot chocolate to shrimp boils.  I was checking with some friends about doing another table top game night (this is a frequent thing) and I mentioned that I was starting to have the itch for home brewing.  My buddy Josh mentions that he has all the gear (nice glass carboys, chiller and so on) and that we should do it before we play some games.  I also decided to mix it up and brew some Mead, honey wine.  I bought the goodies for the mead and we started the night.


Here is the ingredient list.

4 Gallons Spring Water

15lbs of Clover Honey

1lb of Raisins

3 Sticks of cinnamon

5gm Pack of Lalvin D47 Yeast

5 tsp Yeast Nutrient


So we sterilized everything and got the yeast in some water to start its thing for about 15min. We went with the no heat approach. Poured the 4 gallons of water in the carboy via a funnel.  Poured in the 15lbs of honey and then added the 1lb of raisins.  Adding the raisins after the honey was a bad choice.  They all were stuck together and had to be forced down through the funnel.  This made for a very funny scene of me poking the raisins down the funnel, and the raisins still stuck together plopping down into the liquids.  Needless to say to a bunch of guys this was extremely funny.  Added the nutrient, and then the yeast.  We covered the top and semi mounted the carboy sideways on the ground and shook it all up wildly to get everything mixed together.  We each took turn because it was some serious hard work.  This lasted for about 10 min and us laughing at us doing this lasted all night.  I am going to buy a mixer for my drill before next time.  We added the airlock and took it to the basement.

In about 24 hours the yeast has started doing its thing and there are bubbles and the awesome smell of fermentation.  I honestly cannot wait to try it and I will have a very small taste in two weeks when it goes into the second carboy in which it will stay for months.  I am already looking at new recipes and how to do different things with mead.  I will let you know how it turns out!  This is something that you should do with a friend.  It would have been much less funny alone. I am not an expert at this so do not give me too hard of a time if I said anything wrong in my process.

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