Welcome to Indyroots.com.  This site was birthed from the idea that there should be a local Indy online magazine that does not focus on events to be seen at or what team to cheer for.  This is a place for what makes Indianapolis truly great, community.  The people of Indianapolis is what makes this place great to raise a family, have a locally brewed beer, help someone in need, or just spend time together.  The website is broken down into 4 different sections.

Life-Life issues/stories, different media reviews, quality of life.

Earth-Living in a manner that respects the environment, gardening, urban farming.

D.I.W.F- This stands for Do It With Friends. This section is about all the different things that you can do with friends.  From playing games to having dinner in your own home with friends.

Selfless-Here is where nonprofits can tell you all about what they do here in Indy. An easy way to connect with people already impacting the local community.

This entire site is written by the people for the people.  No pushing of any certain thing to make the advertisers happy (easy, because we do not have any) while always looking at different ways to work/eat/live as one common community.  So dig in and feel free to contact me if you want to add to this cause called life.

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